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The Final Deletion sequel, dubbed Delete or Decay, is next week!

There was word of TNA filming a bunch of material for another Final Deletion-esque video down at the Hardy estate in North Carolina recently and now it’s confirmed! It’s going to be called “Delete or Decay” and feature the tag team champions, Decay, battling it out with the Broken Hardys at the Hardy compound.

They set it up tonight (Thurs., Sept. 1, 2016) on Impact. Rosemary, a sinister member of the Decay trio, tried to infiltrate the Hardy estate and kidnap Matt’s son, King Maxel. Luckily for the solo heir to the Hardy name, a sword-wielding Reby Hardy chased the demonic Rosemary from the estate as her gardener protected the King (yes, you read that correctly). Even though Rosemary ran off, Reby wasn’t having it. She instructed the trusty Hardy gardener to prepare the battlefield.... for MASSACRE!

Now, it’s on!

Apparently, Señor Benjamin has improved his resume, adding burial as part of his battlefield preparation.

The original Final Deletion gave TNA its best ratings on Pop TV and it was overall well received by fans, so it makes sense to run another. Adding the tag team champions, who fit the insanity of the Hardy world perfectly, is a great touch.

Who’s excited?

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