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Saturday Knights featuring the Young Bucks and Joey Ryan could be the next great wrestling game

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If you know me, I like my wrestling games. Hell, I did a whole feature about them a couple years ago that chronicled the decades of history of pro grappling games—I might update it this year.

One of the biggest critiques about wrestling video games recently is that the recent additions all seem to look and/or play the same. We’ll see if it changes with the upcoming WWE 2K17, but for now, one developer is taking matters to his own hands—and he needs your help.

Joseph Mares launched a wrestling video game Kickstarter this week that hopes to bring back some of wrestling games’ glory years with Saturday Knights. The game will feature ten actual independent wrestlers, including Willie Mack, Vanessa Kraven, and The Young Bucks. And if you contribute $20 or more, you can play as the master of the YouPornplex himself, Joey Ryan.

The hard sell:

Saturday Knights is a wrestling game starring actual independent wrestlers, created for the fans, by wrestling fans. Our goal is to make the best wrestling game ever. So why are we doing this? This project is the culmination of everything we wanted in a wrestling game but never had. In some cases, games were released with some of these ideas, but they were never updated or the features we loved growing up, were just plain dropped. Not satisfied, we decided to do it ourselves. We have the right people, we have the passion and the experience, all we need is your help.

It's all about the gameplay and the roster. We want to not only have the tightest gameplay mechanics (influenced heavily by the AKI engine) but also the best roster with the most talented wrestlers in the industry today.

The biggest thing we miss about the classic wrestling games are the simple controls that most wrestling game fans to this day, consider to be the best. We are heavily influenced by the AKI engine, and players who loved games like No Mercy and Wrestlemania 2000, can expect those same controls and ease of control in this game. We will be taking cues as far as gameplay goes, from the AKI engine, but we will build this game from the ground up in the Unity engine, which will allow us to do far more than if this was just a mod.

There is so much we want to do with this game. The death matches and tons of characters will have to wait initially. For now, we want to fund the basic core game, something we can build on in the future... so what does our base goal of 270k buy us?

10 different indie superstars (with 4 costume variations each)

Willie Mack

Addy Starr

Evil Uno

Kevin Martensen

The Young Bucks

Vanessa Kraven



PLUS! Kickstarter Exclusive Character Joey Ryan (and yes, the Dick Plex will be in the game.)

The campaign also has stretch goals that could add more characters, more arenas, more match types, tournaments, hell, even a full creator suite if they get about a half million dollars.

As with all things Kickstarter, it has a deadline (in this case, October 5 at 3am ET), and if it doesn’t hit the target number, the project will not be funded. And even getting the money does not guarantee success. But I’ll be rooting for this one.

What about you? Will you contribute to the pot of the next great wrestling game, maybe?