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PWI 500 2016: Roman Reigns is number 1

He’s not a bad guy.

He’s not a good guy.

He’s the number one guy ... in the PWI 500 for 2016, at least.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated released its annual list of the 500 best in pro wrestling for this year — the evaluation period spans from July of last year to July of this year -- and Roman Reigns claimed the number one spot. In an interview accepting the honor, he talked to PWI-Online about his connection with fans:

"I give a lot of credit to the WWE Universe. I rub people in a weird way, it seems, but the fact is they're emotional and that's a connection we have. If I'm on a show, I'm going to tug on those emotion strings one way or another. Whether you love me or you hate me, I dig it. But sometimes it is hard. At the end of the day, I want to go out there and entertain, to have fun, to provide for my family, remain healthy, and do this 52 weeks a year. I'm a human being. I have things going on in my personal life. Sometimes it can be hard. But I always say, I think that's why God gave me broad shoulders, so I can carry that load."

He also tweeted this today:

In or out of kayfabe, Reigns has delivered consistently good-to-great matches while having a great deal of success against a variety of opponents. Is he the best wrestler in the world over the past year, or even in the span of time they accounted for?

I’ll let you decide.

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