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Rudo Radio Episode 59: Kevin Owens is your Universal Champion

A huge surprise on RAW, Heath Slater’s trailer on SmackDown, and a whole lot of WrestleMania thoughts even though it’s September.

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Kevin Owens is WWE’s Universal Champion, and there is a whole lot to unpack from that. Not just for the short-term of RAW, either, as there are potential WrestleMania implications here to discuss, which we do. Convenient, that!

Triple H is back, Seth Rollins is betrayed, Daniel Bryan is apologizing, Miz is on fire, and Apollo Crews might actually be getting a character. That’s a whole lot in one week, but we do have five hours of wrestling in two days each week now, too, so a whole lot is necessary.

We also talk about the direction SmackDown is heading in, and a plan for AJ Styles to become WWE World Champion from now until Mania... with a very specific opponent there to take said belt from him when the time comes. That, and a whole lot more, in this week’s episode.

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