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The Daniel Bryan-Miz confrontation on Talking Smack wasn’t a shoot but ‘very little’ of it was scripted

WWE stumbled upon a super hot angle when Daniel Bryan called out The Miz for wrestling “like a coward” on Talking Smack last week and Miz responded with the promo of his life. He went off on Bryan for getting injured while claiming he didn’t really want to wrestle because if he did he would quit WWE and head to the independent circuit.

Seeing as it hit so close to home and was a story based in real life events, plenty of fans wondered if it was a shoot. It wasn’t, of course, but Bryan did confirm on ESPN that not much of it was scripted (HT: Wrestling Observer):

“Very little. So I just knew that Miz was going to come up, we were just going to banter back and forth. But Miz and I have known each other for a long time, and we really know how to get, like, at each other’s nerves. I brought up the idea that he wrestled like a coward, and he knows I don’t like the way he wrestles, right? I just don’t like it, it’s not my thing. And I called him out on that, and then he called me out on something that’s very personal to me. ”

All of it is for naught now, what with Bryan confirming on this week’s Talking Smack that WWE isn’t going to let the two interact much on TV going forward because they aren’t building to a match. Still, it made for great television and was one of the most watched shows on the WWE Network over the past week, according to the Observer.

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