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TNA Impact Results, Live Blog (Sept. 1, 2016): Bennett vs. Lashley!

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TNA Impact is back tonight (Sept. 1, 2016) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans and viewers.

Tonight, Bobby Lashley will defend his TNA title against the Miracle Mike Bennett. Also, a new X Division champion will be crowned, EC3 will face Eli Drake, Allie will celebrate her new Knockouts title, & Broken Matt Hardy will face Crazzy Steve.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



The show starts with Reby playing the piano (the Obsolete song!) and her and both Hardy brothers are singing it! And so his Benjamin! Vanguard One too! This is already the best! Maxel then plays but that causes a premonition for Matt -- he sees that the big battle isn't going to happen in the Impact Zone but at the compound. Matt says he and Jeff need to go to the Zone of Impact but the rest will stay to watch Maxel.


Mike Bennett/Bobby Lashley/Moose segment

Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis come to the ring. He talks about how everyone believes in the Miracle movement (the crowd disagrees). He says his mission will be completed tonight when he wins the TNA championship. He says he'll win because he is the best professional wrestler and he surrounds himself with great people - such as his wife Maria and Moose (who is not with them). Miracle says he needs Moose to come down to set the record straight, but he gets the champ Lashley instead.

The Destroyer tells the challenger for his title that Moose wants nothing to do with him. Lashley tells Bennett there's no doubt in his mind he's winning tonight. The champ is so confident that he's going to win because Bennett doesn't have Moose to back him up, he makes tonight's match a no DQ match. The Miracle tells the champ that Lashley knows Moose is better and badder than he his. Bobby tries to plant the bug in Bennett's ear that he got into Moose head.

Finally, Moose's music hits. The big man comes down. Moose says that Lashley knows they never had a meeting, which Bennett is extremely pumped about. But Moose cuts that immediately. He says tonight, he decides who walks out of the ring world heavyweight champion.


Broken Matt Hardy (w/Broken Brother Nero) vs. Crazzy Steve

The rest of Decay aren't out in the ring.

These guys start with a ton of weird facial expressions in an exercise in madness.

Now they're biting each other!

When the wrestling starts, Steve has the advantage early with some knees, but the Broken One fights back. He eventually knocks Steve out to the outside and distracts the ref. Jeff then attacks Crazzy Steve with a boot, tosses him back in the ring, and Matt hits a Twist of Fate for the win.

Matt Hardy def. Crazzy Steve

As they are leaving, Steve grabs a microphone and starts laughing. He tells Matt that for all his broken brilliance, he's certainly blind to what's going on around him. And while he's here alone, Decay is everywhere... including the Hardy estate. King Maxel no longer belongs to Matt and Reby, but right now, he's Rosemary's baby!


Backstage, Matt Hardy tells Jeff that he fears Loco Steve is telling the truth. He tries to call Reby but she doesn't answer. He then has VG1 scan the grounds. Meanwhile, sneaking up on Maxel's play pen is Rosemary!

Ultimate X gauntlet match for the vacated X Division championship

This match has Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, DJ Z, Rockstar Spud, Mandrews, & Braxton Sutter

OK, this is a match where 2 people start and and then others enter. However, they don't need to wait for everyone to win to get the title. It starts with Lee and DJ Z.

Andrew Everett is next out, so it's both members of the Helms' Dynasty against DJ Z. Z is actually able to hold his own momentarily, but it's soon too much.

As the Helms dynasty is working together to get the title, Mandrews is the next out and he starts taking it to both of them. He flies all over the place for a bit.

During the commercial break, Braxton Sutter enters. Spud comes out soon after they're back and with everyone already down, he climbs up to get the belt. Sutter stops him.

With all men in the match, the men take turns showing off what they can do. Sutter and Mandrews have great showings. While Sutter is headed on the rope towards the title, Spud runs in with a chair and goes to town on his nemesis Sutter. Both members of the Helms Dyanasty eventually make their way to the title towards both ends but both get to the title at the same time. As they are both holding it, DJ Z runs in, jumps up and grabs it from their grips and wins the title.

DJ Z wins the X Division title


Backstage, EC3 talks about how what happened between Drew and Aron is not his concern currently. Instead, he's going to be paying to the main event. Eli Drake rolls in and says he's hoping EC3 wins at BFG because after Eli Drake beats him tonight, that'll make him #1 contender. As he's about to deliver his fact of life line, EC3 cuts him off and saying that the only fact that is that Drake is likely getting his ass kicked tonight.

Drew is interviewed backstage as well, but says that isn't the place for him to explain his actions. He'll head to the ring to explain what's going on in his head.

Drew Galloway/Aron Rex segment

Drew Galloway makes his way to the ring as the fans chant "Why, Drew, why?" While the fans were on the same page as him early on, they cheered for EC3 as he screwed Drew over and over. And then after last week's match, they're not cheering him at the end of the match, but referee Aron Rex. Drew's change in attitude is solely on the shoulders of the fans.

He said that what Rex is doing, succeeding through talent, is something Drew already did. And that makes Drew Rex's messiah. Rex doesn't respond. Instead.... sigh... Billy Corgan does. He scolds Drew for his actions. Corgan says he was going to suspend him without pay but someone talked him out of it. And that person was Aron Rex.

Rex comes out and the two men brawl on the ramp. As Rex is about to go at Drew with a chair, he is held back by security. This becomes a pull apart brawl.


Matt tries calling Reby again and this time she picks up, saying she was doing chores. He tells her of the problem and she says she'll take Maxel to the safe room. But then he gets a message from VG1 saying that Rosemary is in the house!

Eli Drake vs. EC3

This was a hard hitting match between two big dudes who have some pretty good chemistry with each other. Of course EC3 wins it (with a One Percenter).

EC3 def. Drake


Reby takes Maxel to the safe room. The door to the room opens and Reby grabs a weapon but it's Señor Benjamin. She gives him Maxel and she will deal with Rosemary herself.

They interview DJ Z backstage, who didn't think at points, he'd get back to the X Division title. The DJ talks about how he put the work in 2016. Eddie Edwards walks by and congratulates him and leaves. DJ Z continues talking about how he's up for the challenge of keeping the challenge.

Allie's celebration

There are balloons in the ring and Allie comes down to the ring with more balloons and she's super pumped. She thanks the fans who chanted for her last week after her win. She is about to thank someone (probably Maria) but is interrupted by Sienna (who is followed by Maria). Sienna is pissed and Maria is trying to call her off. Maria tells Sienna she has the night off and sends her to the back.

The First Lady explains that the balloon and such that she wanted Allie to get weren't for her. Who would celebrate her assistant? Maria calls Allie worthless just like everyone here. She then demands Allie lay down for her but Allie doesn't want to. Maria starts running her down, demanding she lay down for her.

She orders the ref ring the bell and pins Allie for the 1-2-3.

Maria becomes Knockouts champion

Afterwards she orders Allie put the belt around her waste and announce her the champion, which Allie does through her tears.


Backstage, Mike Bennett tries to make sure Moose is on his side. He then gives Moose a pipe and says he knows he'll "do what's right for us."

Reby finds Rosemary in the theater and unsheathes her sword. She chases her outside, but then Rosemary appears from the balcony and tosses a baby (the doll from the original contract signing). Benjamin brings her Maxel, showing her he's still safe. Benjamin tells her that Rosemary is gone, but Reby says this isn't over and then instructs him to prepare the battlefield for massacre!!!

The Miracle Mike Bennett (w/Maria) vs. Bobby Lashley in a DQ match for the TNA championship

Lashley has control early on, dominating Bennett. As the show goes to its first commercial, Lashley walks out with the pipe to watch on.

Bennett is in control when TNA returns. As Lashley picks up Bennett for a powerslam, Maria runs in and hits Lashley in the lower back with her wrist brace. While that didn't phase Lashley, that gave Bennett the chance to knock him out of the ring with a clothesline. While he's outside, she hits him in the head with the KOs title. Moose slides Lashley into the ring and Miracle gets a nearfall.

Lashley fights back and takes control again. He finally sets up for a spear but Maria holds his leg which is again enough to allow Miracle to take advantage again, this time with a neck breaker.

Bennett goes to the side of the ring where Moose is outside and asks for the pipe. Moose extends it, but then pulls it back, denying him it. When Bennett turns around, he's met by a spear from the champ who pins him and retains.

Lashley def. Bennett to retain his title

After the match, Bennett calls Moose a big, stupid animal and demands him get into his ring, despite struggling to breathe post spear. He runs down Moose as a failed football player who was nothing without him and then slaps him. Moose lays out Bennett with a major clothesline.


That's the show, folks. Thanks for watching!

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