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TNA Impact Preview (Sept. 1, 2016): Crazzy vs. Broken

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TNA Impact returns tonight (Sept. 1, 2016) from Orlando, Florida. Tonight is a fairly stacked show with a couple titles up for grabs. Here are our five questions about Impact tonight.

1) Is tonight the night the Moose and Miracle finally explode?

Since Moose debuted, he’s slowly been realizing the man that he allied himself with, The Miracle Mike Bennett, is kind of a douchebag who’s only out for himself. The Miracle’s music plays when they walk out together to the ring, even if Moose is the one with a match. The Miracle bosses him around a bit when laying out plans. But it was last week, when Miracle eliminated Moose in an over the top battle royal last week to earn the right to face Bobby Lashley, that Moose really had his eyes opened.

After that match, Moose was livid despite Bennett trying to calm his muscle down. Now Bennett needs to wonder if Moose is going to be a problem for him during his TNA title match against Bobby Lashley tonight. But likely, Bennett is too dense to realize there’s something to be worried about.

2) Is King Maxel going to be OK?

Recently, Matt Hardy had a premonition that the Decay, specifically Crazzy Steve, will attempt to kidnap his son, Maxel. Because of that, he sent his wife Reby, his best friend drone Vanguard One, and his gardener Señor Benjamin back to his compound in North Carolina to protect the solo heir to the Hardy name. Meanwhile, Matt will be in Orlando alongside his broken obsolete Brother Nero and the Broken One will face the Crazzy One mono a mono.

But there should still be worry because Matt has had premonitions that have come true. And a one on one match is likely not going to deter the Decay when they have their mind set on something. With the possibility of a second Final Deletion headed our way, this has likely just begun.

3) How pissed is Maria?

Last week, in a great moment, Allie won the Knockout’s Championship in a Fatal 5-way. However, the woman with no (kayfabe) in ring experience won a title that belonged to her stablemate Sienna. And the leader of that stable (and the Knockouts) Maria Kanellis was not happy. Her facial expression was more in the shock and dismay zone of emotions.

While Allie will be having a celebration tonight, the First Lady of Professional Wrestling is not going to allow it to last long. Likely, Maria will try to do all she can to get the title back into a more secure grasp. The former Cherry Bomb may have to do it alone if her allies turn against her.

4) Why are EC3 and Eli Drake fighting?

Not that I’m complaining. These men are both good competitors and it should be a good match. But it’s not common in TNA that I have to ask this question, at least for advertised matches. More often than not lately, TNA has given as at least some reason for a big match to occur so it sticks out when they don’t. Carter did defeat Drake in the Bound for Glory series, but that didn’t seem to be a lingering issue.

In the end, it’s a good sign for the current story telling in TNA that almost all of the bigger matches have some reason behind them.

5) Is it DJ Z’s time?

TNA has been building up the former Zema Ion as the big face in the X Division. Tonight, when all of the X Division will be competing and an Ultimate X Gauntlet match (still don’t know the specifics of the rules) for the vacated division title, DJ Z has to be the favorite to win.

Of course, division heel Rockstar Spud, who killed it with the “You’re all losers” promo last week, and new come Braxton Sutter (who’s shoot wife just won the Knockouts title) are also possibilities.

TNA Impact airs tonight at 8 EST on Pop TV. Who’s watching?