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Samoa Joe loves Bobby Roode’s ‘Glorious’ music, showing he’s human like the rest of us

There may or may not be debate on whether or not Bobby Roode’s new theme music “Glorious Domination” is super awesome or super lame. (Count this writer in the super awesome camp.)

NXT champion Samoa Joe weighed in when he was asked on Twitter why he didn’t interrupt Bobby Roode’s grandiose speech on NXT this Wednesday.

The NXT champion has been described as a machine and a monster, but the image of Joe closing his eyes and completely taking in that glorious music shows he’s human just like the rest of us.

It’s unlike Joe not to remind newcomers who’s the boss in NXT and being distracted by such beautiful melodies could prove a weakness if Roode ever challenges Joe for the title. But really, can you blame the guy?

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