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Seth Rollins doesn’t think he’s scared of Finn Bálor or the Demon

The weekly Michael Cole interview from WWE - now coming your way on Fridays thanks to SmackDown’s move to a live Tuesday broadcast - features Seth Rollins talking about his upcoming match against fellow first round draft pick Finn Bálor for the honor of becoming the inaugural WWE Universal champion at SummerSlam.

There are a couple of potentially important story threads woven through their conversation.

One is a couple mentions of Seth’s “relationship” with Stephanie McMahon and accusations of it bringing him preferential treatment. Between this and the Aug. 1 Raw, this has come up too often to be coincidence.

Second, and perhaps more immediately crucial to his current program, is Cole’s introduction of “the Demon”, the costumed countenance Bálor brings to his big matches, into the main roster conversation. Finn was undefeated in NXT when “painted up” before TakeOver: The End..., where Samoa Joe finally beat him while in his allegedly more aggressive form.

It’s interesting how the usually cocky Rollins expressed some doubt, at least at first, while answering the question from Cole about whether it matters if he faces Finn or the Demon”.

I don’t think so. I’ve never been in the ring with Finn or his alter-ego the Demon so it’s hard for me to really tell you what the difference is. Now I’ve watched and studied Finn Bálor and I’ve watched when he becomes the Demon and I’ve seen that side of him. But at the end of the day, I don’t think it matters - I’m just that good.

You mentioned that he beat Roman Reigns night here in WWE? I’ve beaten Roman Reigns multiple times. I’ve done all the things Finn Bálor has done. I did them first, and I’ve done them better. So when it comes to SummerSlam? Finn Bálor, the Demon... it doesn’t matter. Neither of them can measure up to the Man, Seth Rollins.

The emphasis on building up Bálor for a larger audience who isn’t that familiar with him is understandable, and appears to be working. Will that continue as we get close to Aug. 21?

Rollins’ Universal title hopes may depend on it.

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