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John Cena’s house rules are very simple... and kind of treat you like a child

E! Online

Promotion is ramping up for E!’s Total Divas spin-off, where the entire extended Bella clan moves in with Nikki while she rehabs from spinal fusion surgery.

The network released this clip from the show, Total Bellas, featuring John Cena laying down the law for his new housemates - including Brie Bella, Daniel Bryan and John Laurinaitis - and setting the table for the kind of manufactured tension ‘reality’ shows thrive on:

These are the house rules, it's very simple. Respect the house as if it were your own and if your habits are leaving towels on the floor, then change your habits and respect ours.

Formal dinner once a week, usually on Wednesday. Every morning we will have morning coffee together, we will have an evening fire outside. If you guys are gonna be up late, please text me or tell me. Do you have any questions?

As Brie says, “oh $#!+”. Or, as TD fans across the globe say...

Total Bellas premieres on Oct. 8 at 8PM Eastern on E!

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