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The Rock & Mick Foley are out here mentoring the next generation on social media

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Couple of cool examples of pro graps’ cross-generational brotherhood... and proof that the atmosphere whereby not everyone in the locker room is a cutthroat S.O.B. only in it for himself didn’t just start with those darn millenials who so vex Vince McMahon.

Two guys who don’t even really need pro wrestling any more, and who definitely don’t have to take time out of their busy schedules to encourage a couple of cats who don’t work for WWE, recently did just that. A few words in person or a lengthy social media post doesn’t take a lot. But for Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Mick Foley to do that for Ricochet and Moose, respectively, is cool.

Especially when the two legends know that these exchanges will likely get picked up by a few websites like this one, and give the younger guys a bit of a rub.

Also cool when you can see how very grateful TNA’s Moose and Lucha Underground/New Japan (for now)’s Ricochet were for the gesture.

Came across this amazing post from a man who's out there grindin' and chasing that greatness. Thank you so much @kingricochet for your kind words. I'm a lucky dude to have had the success I did in the world of pro-wrestling. A world that I grew up in and will forever be in my blood. I'm honored to be your inspiration as you go down that long hard road for success. Remember these important things: Always stay above the garbage of backstage politics and always give the audience what they want. Whether you're a heel or baby face - going over or doing a job. Doesn't matter.. always give them what they want. And most important.. HAVE FUN! Wish you all the success in the world brother and hope you become a big star in our business. I've seen a few of your matches - you're an incredibly gifted/athletic worker. Keep workin' hard and chasing your greatness. And I thought I was cool doing a little candy ass forward roll into an arm bar. #Repost @kingricochet ・・・ Anyone that knows me knows how much #therock has influenced me. He's literally the reason I wanted to become a wrestler. He had it all, the look, the mic skills, the charisma, the in ring work. He was a 10x world champion but he wasn't afraid to lose. He knew how to work a crowd, he could make them hate him then love him then by the end hate him again. And still to this day he continues to inspire me to be better in every way. There will never be another like him. There's a reason why he was called "The Great One."

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