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More on Nikki Bella’s comeback and WWE future

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Nikki Bella on Instagram

As reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet (and covered in our own Rumor Roundup), Nikki Bella’s training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando is just the latest step on her road back from spinal fusion surgery to performing in front of audiences.

Her work in Florida, which expanded from working with Bayley to include Natalya and MMA professional & independent wrestler Shayna Baszler, is being evaluated by WWE’s medical staff to determine if or how much she can wrestle going forward.

The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended) reiterates the current belief that Nikki will be a part-time wrestler at best going forward. Dave Meltzer believes Bella will be assigned to SmackDown Live (along with boyfriend John Cena and brother-in-law Daniel Bryan) when/if she’s granted that final clearance, and that she’ll be positioned as one of the top Superstars on the blue brand.

No word on how long the evaluation process at the PC is set to run, or what the next step will be. As you can see above, Nikki’s social media face has been extremely positive since reporting to Orlando. Hopefully that’s as encouraging as it looks.

Stay tuned.