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Updates on Paige, Bray Wyatt, Jimmy Uso injuries

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There was a lot of noise yesterday concerning injuries to a couple of big WWE names, but not a lot of substance to the stories.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended) fills in the gaps on what’s up with Paige and Bray Wyatt in this week’s edition.

Regarding Wyatt, who got his leg rolled up during his match with Dolph Ziggler in this week’s SmackDown Live main event (see it here, if you’re so inclined), Dave Meltzer says the Eater of Worlds is dealing with a sprained ankle. WWE officials wanted to stop the match, as evidenced by the referee throwing up the ‘X’, but Bray insisted they continue.

The ankle is being treated and as of now Wyatt plans to wrestle on this weekend’s house shows. It’s noted that if he misses the California events scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, it means he could possibly miss more time since it would seem more serious than hoped.

Paige is dealing with the back and shoulder injuries she’s been Tweeting about, and she’s expected to not only miss the Australia and New Zealand tours, but also the next two-to-three weeks of dates. It’s believed to be a nerve issue that they’re hoping can be addressed with physical therapy as opposed to surgery, but she’s scheduled for another evaluation on Aug. 15 which will determine the next steps in treatment.

Finally, Jimmy Uso has been dealing with an undisclosed injury. There were hopes he would return for Tuesday night’s SmackDown Live in Nashville, but that obviously didn’t happen (Jey worked a singles match against Tyler Breeze on the Main Event taping).

We’ll keep you posted with any updates on the status of these Superstars.