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Eric Bischoff says he has no positive memories of TNA


Most TNA fans do not have fond recollections of the Eric Bischoff/Hulk Hogan era of Impact Wrestling. While Dixie Carter had a fascination with stars of the Monday Night War era that pre-dates those two WCW power brokers joining her team, it was during their tenure earlier this decade that things seemed to really fall apart. From the ill-fated move to Mondays, to pushing a 60 year old Hogan and the crew of men & women they brought in rather than what were seen as “TNA Originals” like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe & Bobby Roode... it was a run from which the show is still trying to recover.

If that’s how TNA fans view Easy E, it’s also how Bischoff views the company, at least if the quotes from his appearance on Main Event Radio making the rounds are any indication.

When asked if he has positive memories of his time working for Carter’s company, Bischoff replied, “I don't have any." He doesn’t go into specifics, which he says is because of a court case in which both parties are involved. In (not) responding to a question about what went wrong while he was with Impact, he said:

I try to put them both out of my mind so I couldn't tell you. No comment. I'm in the middle of a lawsuit with them so I can't really comment.

He does put over Styles, Joe and Roode elsewhere in the interview, but in general, we’re left with unspecific negativity.

Some day, we’ll get shoot interviews and maybe even a couple documentary specials about TNA as they went through this transition from the Jarretts to Dixie, and all the different players who came in for a few years along the way. And they’ll be better than most of what we got on Impact Wrestling during that time.

Until then, add Bischoff’s bitterness to the partial stories when thinking about what went wrong and what might have been.

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