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Seth Rollins says there’s not really a ‘wrestler’s court’ in today’s WWE locker room


As a guest on Atlanta’s Rock 100.5 Bailey & Southside Morning Show, WWE Superstar Seth Rollins talked... a lot of Sharknado 4, actually. But he did answer questions from the hosts about wrestler’s court, that staple of backstage lore where one of “the boys” is brought up on charges and a veteran, often Undertaker or John Bradshaw Layfield in the most famous WWE iterations, decides the punishment for their infraction.

A comedy, over-the-top version was a long-running plot on JBL’s YouTube show a few years back.

Rollins tells Bailey & Southside that wrestler’s court is “a bit of an antiquated thing” from “before social media was a thing and before we were a publicly traded company” that has been phased out. He still explains the need for it, “I’m with these guys more than I’m with my family - we’re on the road 300 days a year or so... we’ve got to take care of ourselves,” so you have to wonder if something hasn’t taken its place, but it seems those darn millenials have opted for something a little less haze-y.

The hosts also asked about Roman Reigns’ Wellness Policy violation, and if the rumored speech the suspended former champ gave the roster was an example of wrestler’s court. Seth didn’t go into too many details, but he shot down the notion there was anything comedic about it. His brief comments also lend some credence to the version whereby Reigns chose to talk to the boys and girls rather than being told to:

Roman addressed the locker room... as a locker room leader, as a guy who wanted to talk to everyone about the situation. That was not a wrestler’s court situation at all. The wrestler’s court thing is more of a light-hearted affair, this was... that’s strictly a professional thing between him and the company.

You can check out the whole interview - this version is cued to the discussion summarized above.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Is wrestler’s court a thing of the past? Does it need to be?

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