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Daniel Bryan responds to The Miz: He was right; if I had the guts, I would quit and go do the indies

The Miz took Daniel Bryan’s soul in an amazing promo on Talking Smack last week, leading to the SmackDown Live General Manager walking off the set in what was a ridiculously hot angle that had everyone talking. To capitalize on this, WWE advertised Bryan responding to Miz on tonight’s (Aug. 30, 2016) episode of SmackDown Live in Dallas.

But that never happened.

His only appearance on the show as at the open when Shane McMahon told him he should apologize to Miz. Once Talking Smack went on the air right after the show, that’s exactly what Bryan did, along with giving an explanation on why we didn’t see them cross paths on SmackDown:

"When I got up and walked away it wasn't like... some of my friends were like 'it looked like you were going to punch him in the face' and it wasn't that. I think that the biggest thing was he was right. If I had the guts -- I feel like I'm healthy -- if I had any guts, I would quit and go do the indies. Probably not bingo halls, probably more like Tokyo Domes. We can talk to AJ Styles about that later. But yeah, it was really... I've got health to worry about. Brie and I are trying to have kids, all that kind of stuff. There's just that part of you, that turmoil. He pressed all those buttons, he knows how to press them. Which is why they're not letting us do anything on TV together anymore because... yeah, they're like 'okay, Bryan, Miz, you guys are done.'"

Thankfully those reports that WWE was actually considering letting Bryan wrestle again have been proven false, as it sounds like they want to ensure no one thinks they’re attempting to build to a match between the two. Sure enough, Bryan immediately announced Miz will defend the Intercontinental championship against Dolph Ziggler at Backlash.

That’s all for this, folks, hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.

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