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Kevin Owens: Without Triple H, I wouldn’t be in WWE

The folks at Busted Open Radio did an interview with Kevin Owens at the WWE 2K17 event before SummerSlam but released it today because it couldn’t be more relevant after what happened on Raw last night (Aug. 29, 2016) in Houston. That’s because Owens won the Universal championship in a Fatal 4-Way elimination match with a big assist from Triple H.

Wouldn’t you know it, he had nothing but great things to say about “The Game” in the interview:

"That all came down to Triple H. I did my tryout and the bottom line was his, the final word was his. He wanted to take a shot, I think because he knew... you know, some people talk about the style I used to have on the independents but I think Triple H knows -- obviously he knows exactly what he's doing and he's an incredibly smart man for what we do -- I think he knew that I can adapt and I could bring something special to the company, and I think I have. But I wouldn't have gotten the chance to do that without him. There are a lot of people in NXT that helped me, like I met Dusty (Rhodes). He was so instrumental and so helpful. Matt Bloom, Terry Taylor, almost too many to name, but if it wasn't for Triple H making that call in the first place, I wouldn't be here. So that's something I'm always going to be grateful for."

Keep in mind, this was before Finn Balor suffered an injury in his match with Seth Rollins, so it’s not like Owens knew what was coming. WWE is simply taking real-life events and weaving them into the narrative on television.

We’re good with it!

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