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Kevin Owens is a prophet

Not only is your boy KO the new WWE Universal champion and protected by based Haitch, but did you know he could see the future?

Two pieces of evidence making the rounds today support Kevin Owens being every bit as psychic as Broken Matt Hardy.

The first is very, VERY NSFW. If you don’t have earbuds handy and/or don’t want to get fired, I’ll summarize. When the initial Mount Rushmore of Professional Wrestling stable formed in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Owens (then Steen) was the only member of the group without a title. So he declared himself CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSE!

Then, in this video from moments after his debut at TakeOver: R Evolution in Dec. 2014, Owens and Triple H craft a plot which will take almost two years to hatch!

Owens: It’s just the beginning, bud.

Hunter: Yeah. It is.

Family man. Prizefighter. Champion. Soothsayer.

Truly, there is no better man to represent the Universe in a pro wrestling ring than Kevin Owens.

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