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Cesaro suffers back injury on Raw (Aug. 29)

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Several fans in Houston for the Aug. 29 Raw reported that the discomfort Cesaro showed following the back bump into the ringpost he took in his match with Sheamus looked like more than acting.

While the update from still focuses on storyline, it’s not a good sign they took the step of rushing out an injury update so quickly after the show:

Cesaro suffered multiple contusions to the lumbar spine during his match against Sheamus Monday on Raw, can confirm.

Late in the match, Sheamus backdropped Cesaro into the turnbuckle before locking him in the Cloverleaf.

The Swiss Superman himself Tweeted after his match. It’s cryptic, but it’s not encouraging - at least for the short term:

As we just saw tonight with Sasha Banks, a back injury can be treated without surgery and be used to keep an angle alive while rehabbing, so until we get more news, we’ll hope this is similar to the Boss’ situation.