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Bobby Roode’s NXT theme song is either the greatest or worst thing you’ve ever heard

It’s a polarizing theme song, Maggle!

I was all set to make this post declaring it the latest smash in a great year for WWE’s music department, following “Phenomenal” and “Rising Sun”. Heavily influenced by operatic rock songs from bands like Queen and Muse, it seems to perfectly fit Bobby Roode’s NXT gimmick as an over-inflated cheeseball.

Then the General popped into the Cageside offices just to say, and I quote, “That is the worst theme I've ever heard in my life... that is some Zack Ryder level awful”.

Perusing the YouTube comments (always a risky proposition, I know), that looks like what “Glorious Domination” is attracting.

It’s either your new favorite, or you want to scour out your ears.

What side do you fall on, Cagesiders?

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