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Becky Lynch has already had enough of Eva Marie’s crap

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SmackDown Live continued the rollout of their top female Superstar last night...

Okay, look... I’m on record with my opinion of Total Divas’ breakout star’s wrestling career. She seems like a nice enough person, and I understand WWE is going to capitalize on the undeniable reaction she gets, even if I’m not sure how much she (as opposed to any other Instagram model with no in-ring history the company could convince fans they’re insistent on pushing) has to do with garnering said reaction. Everybody have your Geno-inspired fun marking out for All Red Everything, but if this “she’s the greatest heel ever” nonsense that was flying around wrestling Twitter last night continues... you can expect a strongly-worded think piece in your timeline soon.

But I digress. Following NXT’s lead, the SmackDown Creative team has kicked off an angle whereby they can maximize the benefits of wrestling fans’ love-to-hate of Eva while minimizing the time she has to spend trying to wrestle.

Here, that took the admittedly fun tack of having her fake an injury - after her ridiculously vainglorious entrance - to get out of a planned match with Becky Lynch.

The Lasskicker, in a Twitter exchange with Eva that’s interesting to play “work or shoot?” with given Bex’s hopes for the women’s scene in WWE, expressed frustration. And promised retribution.

It is a classic heel move even if I personally don’t believe it’s a classic performance (she comes across better in 140 characters or less, though, I will admit). And it should help get Becky even more over than she already is.

Hopefully, it’ll do just that and run its course, allowing Eva to transition into a manager/heater role for someone else and clearing the decks for another potential match made in the same thread...