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SmackDown Live viewers hold steady in week two of the ‘New Era’

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WWE’s Tuesday night offer was generally better received by critics and fans in its second outing with a distinct roster, and in terms of viewership numbers, it only took a small dip. The Aug. 2 show drew 2,681,000 viewers, down a little more than 2% from last week’s 2,743,000.

The company did little advance promotion with specifics of the show, with a Bray Wyatt vs. Dolph Ziggler main event booked during the course of the broadcast, and Brock Lesnar’s appearance kept officially under wraps as a surprise. The debut of NXT tag team American Alpha and a promo segment from AJ Styles were the elements advertised during the previous night’s Raw broadcast.

Obviously, the company would like to be trending the other way - especially considering they had no event-level competition such as the past two week’s political conventions - but they’ll take a small drop like 62,000 at this point, especially considering the finished first among the 18 - 49 demographic.

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