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Here’s the video that has everyone worried Bray Wyatt is hurt again

In the main event of SmackDown Live last night (Aug. 2), there was a spot before the final commercial break of the evening where Dolph Ziggler’s roll-up attempt momentarily pinned Bray Wyatt’s lower left leg beneath both men.

It’s not included in the official clip of the match on and the company’s YouTube channel; in fact, there are no pictures from this stretch of the action in the gallery of photos on their website.

But essential Twitter-er DTAM grabbed a GIF of it, which you can see here (and he explained his comment on this Tweet as having looked away and missed the rolled ankle):

Beyond this moment, the referee quickly throws up the ‘X’, but a visibly upset Wyatt waves it off even as he’s obviously in pain and/or frustrated at the possibility of another leg injury (he missed a couple months after WrestleMania with an April calf injury he suffered in Italy).

While Bray favored his right leg for the duration of the bout, he performed an array of spots and walked relatively normally for the rest of the show.

There’s been no chatter from the usual sources with a confirmation as of yet. WWE is more tight-lipped with Wyatt Family injuries than others, for whatever reason, so it’s possible we never hear anything official, as was the case with what was reported by the Wrestling Observer and others as a back injury before Mania this year.

We’ll update you as soon as we hear anything, Cagesiders.

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