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Paige’s mother says she’s injured, goes off on ‘dirt sheets’

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Saraya Knight on Twitter

Former Divas champion Paige has been in the news and rumor reports a lot lately. We covered her being taken off the Australian tour, and how that was being interpreted in light of ongoing speculation about her relationship with Alberto Del Rio, earlier this morning.

Paige’s mother, independent wrestler “Sweet” Saraya Knight, has read the things being written about her daughter, and has an update - along with some choice words for the pro graps media:

Personally, I didn’t read any reports of anything other than the nebulous “backstage heat” rumors, but it seems some mention of a “melt down” (perhaps in reference to the June incident in Las Vegas which was explained as being instigated by some drunk fans?) somewhere understandably upset Mrs. Knight.

Commenting on backstage politics/soap opera is one thing. Insinuating there’s anything going on with Paige’s personal well-being without evidence is clearly a problem.

Paige recently Tweeted about working on strengthening her shoulder and back at the gym, so that could be a reference to the injury her mother says is behind her missing recent episodes of Raw and next week’s tour.

Stay tuned...