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Call the Twitter police, Baron Corbin just killed a dude

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The appearance of Baron Corbin’s mid-section has long been a topic of jokes and memes for NXT fans. A former American football player (his real name is Tom Pestock and he played for Division II powerhouse Northwest Missouri State University, as well as a couple training camp stints with NFL squads in Indianapolis & Arizona), the Lone Wolf dropped roughly fifty pounds when he transitioned to pro wrestling for his last career and, well, the skin around his naval didn’t get the memo.

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp

Mostly, it’s taken the form of comparing him to Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But one poor soul decided to take it seriously, and come straight at the Andre the Giant Memorial winner on Twitter.

It did not go well for him:

(I’m forced to provide you with a screenshot of Corbin’s response, since he blocked me when I wrote a post about him bantering with Finn Bálor on Twitter... big man don’t play)

Baron Corbin on Twitter

To his credit, Cesar took the burn well...

Moral of the story is, be like wreddit and don’t tag Corbin in your jokes and Photoshops:

d13films on r/squared circle