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Paige removed from WWE’s Australia tour

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UPDATE: Both Paige’s mother and PWInsider are reporting her removal from the tour is due to injury.

In news that will certainly only fuel the fires of speculation concerning her standing both professionally with WWE and personally with Alberto Del Rio, Paige has been removed from the company’s advertising for next week’s international swing through Australia and New Zealand (Aug. 10 - 14).

PWInsider first reported how the former Divas champion was no longer listed for a tag match alongside current Women’s titleholder Sasha Banks against Charlotte & Dana Brooke. That bout is now on the card as a two-on-one handicap match.

The card is always subject to change, and no one from WWE is going to speak on this one. But with ongoing rumors about her romance with Del Rio and how that’s impacted their roles (first that they were split up in the brand split draft, with Paige going to Raw and Alberto on SmackDown Live, then additional whispers of “heat” on ADR over the Total Divas star’s social media posts about them), this change is going to be obsessed over a little more than another one might have been.

Keeps your eyes on the Rumor Round-Up for updates.