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Finn Bálor, Young Bucks, Hulk Hogan & more react to Kevin Owens winning WWE Universal championship

WWE on Instagram

While we debate the how, there’s no denying the who is pretty darn exciting.

Kevin Owens, né Steen, is the new WWE Universal champion and de facto top man on Raw. It’s always cool when someone wins the big company’s major title for the first time, but for KO - a guy written off at every level because of his look, but who just kept turning more and more people into fans with his hard work, athletic ability and charisma - this one feels like a victory for a lot of people, inside and outside the business.

The cross section of well-wishes he’s receiving on Twitter in the moments after his big win is certainly indicative of that:


There’ll be more, no doubt, and we’ll try to update them here, but feel free to add others you see below.

(And, for my money, the Bucks win)

Congratulations to Kevin Owens!

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