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Goldberg WWE return reportedly now in the works

Bill Goldberg has been teasing a possible WWE return — usually by calling out Brock Lesnar, who has returned the favor — since it was announced he had made a deal to be in the WWE 2K17 video game. Until now, you could chalk all that up to simple marketing. After all, they’re trying to get you to buy said video game.

But, if TMZ is to be believed, an actual in-ring return is now in the works:

"Life's too short to dwell upon past differences," Goldberg told us ... who also pointed out that he's 49 years old and the "clock's ticking."

One plugged in source tells us Goldberg's people have been in touch with the WWE about a return and "the wheels are in motion."

Goldberg has had the itch to do at least one more match for some time now, if only so his son can see him wrestle on a big stage. Considering how many big stars of the past WWE has already brought back in recent years, and how few are left to pick and choose from, Goldberg may very well be next.

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