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Rock the Promo episode 5, or why Christian is my favorite

The contest designed to help launch Dwayne Johnson’s YouTube channel didn’t get off to the smoothest of starts. Taz accused The Rock of gimmick infringement, and then fans were critical of host Joe Santagato. While Rock The Promo’s numbers are the kind of thing many fledgling YouTubers like yours truly can only dream of, the promo battle’s episodes are among the least watched clips on the Great One’s channel.

That all changes for this Peep with episode five. And it’s not because the People’s Champ is here to intro the whole thing (and bag on the host), nor is it because we’re into the second round therefore giving us dream match-ups like Chops Samson vs. Kilmer the Filmer.

No, it’s because one of my all-time personal faves, Captain Charisma himself, Christian, is the guest judge.

Everything I love about the guy most people think of as Edge’s sidekick is on display. Sharp wit, self-deprecating humor and cutting analysis, like this quote for the 6:35 mark:

He was clear. He was concise. And he told you exactly what he’s gonna do to this little porkchop-wearing m****f***er.

Or this gem from 12:46:

I could listen to this guy talk about crapping out trees for like twenty minutes. And I can only say that about five people I know.

Rocky wasn’t scripted to say (but didn’t want to, but then was like, “fine, I’ll just say it”) Christian was his favorite wrestler for nothing, Cagesiders.

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