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WWE doesn’t think you’re sad enough about Finn Balor’s injury, twists the knife with this unnecessary video

What the hell?

It’s become customary for WWE to release videos of new champions getting their custom side plates on their respective titles. It’s a neat little tradition in the making, a cool way to get a peek at what the belt will look like with its new owner.

This right here is just cold.

As if we weren’t sad enough that Finn Balor was injured while wrestling for the Universal championship and had to vacate it not even a full day later — something he’s absolutely gutted over, which he told us while giving an update on his “agonizing” rehabilitation — WWE, for some reason, decided to twist the knife by releasing a video showing the side plates being removed. Because, again, Balor is injured and he can no longer call the belt his own.

Again I ask: What the hell?

They even trumpet it as a big EXCLUSIVE and then tag Balor in the post to ensure he sees it. Look at the dramatic closing shot, a close up of his name on the side plate sans screws because, again, they removed it from the title because, again, he doesn’t get to be champion anymore.

Again I say: This right here is cold.

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