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Mr. Fuji dies at 82-years-old

Harry Fujiwara, who worked in WWE under the name Mr. Fuji, died this morning (Aug. 28, 2016), as noted by the company on its website. He was 82-years-old.

Though his career stretches back to the late 60s, he is best known for being one of the top managers in pro wrestling history after retiring from active wrestling. The list of wrestlers he managed includes the likes of Demolition, Yokozuna, and Don Muraco.

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With Muraco, Fuji treated WWE fans to the classic Fuji Vice, Fuji General, Fuji Bandito and Fuji Chan series. These series were ahead of their time because spoofing successful television shows as they tried to break into Hollywood was the epitome of sports-entertainment.

His career will be remembered by different generations for different reasons but Mr. Fuji, whether as a Superstar or manager, is one of the most entertaining performers in the history of WWE.

He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007.

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