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Rosa Mendes is the new JTG

Former Divas Search contestant, Epico & Primo valet and Total Divas star Rosa Mendes has been preparing to get back on our screens after giving birth to her first child.

Earlier today (Aug. 26), she posted on Instagram she’s ready to get back in the ring, but that’s just one of several things which jump out from her latest social media message to the WWE Universe:

1. Rosa was at Ohio Valley Wrestling with JTG, and has now significantly surpassed his tenure with the ‘E despite the fact she’s been on TV even less than the former Cryme Tymer. Should someone start a “How long has Rosa been employed?” timer site? (The one for Shad’s old partner shut down when he was released after 07 years, 30 days, 00 hours, 25 minutes and 12 seconds)

2. Cute kid that he is, does a six-month old need an Instagram account?

3. Where, if anywhere, do you see Rosa fitting into the Raw or SmackDown women’s scene?

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