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Shane McMahon furthers angle with Brock Lesnar on SmackDown Live

Our latest batch of rumors mentioned it, and really, anyone who’s watched much wrestling in their life saw the seeds planted in SummerSlam’s closing moments.

WWE is building a Brock Lesnar vs. Shane McMahon feud.

The SmackDown Live Commissioner kept the flames burning with this Tweet yesterday:

Then on the blue brand tonight (Aug. 23), Charly Caruso caught up with McMahon to get his thoughts on the whole situation and the latest development - that Shane’s sister, Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon, fined Lesnar the whopping sum of $500 for his TKO of Randy Orton and hitting his finisher on an authority figure.

An obviously testy Shane O’Mac delivered this line to close the interview, and we all know what this means...

Now, there are ways to justify this decision (Shane fought Taker and Brock fought Taker so they’re kind of on... sorry, I can’t do it) and reasons it could be a train wreck (IT’S BROCK FREAKING LESNAR VS. SHANE MCMAHON), but I am going to be the guy who says, “let’s let it play out”.

If the unstoppable combat sports machine known as the Beast Incarnate isn’t pursuing the WWE Universal title, you need a reason for him to even be in a pro wrestling ring. As we saw when they Undertaker feud wrapped, if there isn’t something really interesting for him to do, he loses interest and so do we.

Making a Lesnar/Shane match doesn’t mean McMahon will win. Hell, it doesn’t even mean we’ll ever see the prodigal son on a WWE program again. Shane O’Mac could be the latest meal on the Anomaly’s table, following John Cena, Randy Orton and current WWE World champion Dean Ambrose. This could be a way to further a longer story with Lesnar... one that puts over someone else in a big way and finally cashes the check Vince McMahon signed when he decided to have Brock end Taker’s streak.

Who will that be? I honestly don’t know, and am kind of afraid of the most plausible answer of which I can think. For folks saying Samoa Joe... bless you. But I’d give that a slightly greater than zero percent chance of happening. I love him a lot, but he’s not a WWE creation and even I couldn’t argue he’s a marquee enough name.

We’ll see.

But it’s becoming increasingly clear there’s more Shane vs. Brock, in some form or fashion, in our future.

Thoughts, Cagesiders?

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