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Cesaro is frustrated again

WWE on YouTube

Since a semi-shoot interview on WWE Network after the Draft went viral, being disgruntled is as much of Cesaro’s gimmick as the tearaway suits.

And after being bumped to the SummerSlam pre-show on Sunday (Aug. 21) then not only not being included in the Universal title “series”, but not even getting on Raw last night (Aug. 22) in Brooklyn, well...

You know this is SummerSlam, right? The biggest party of the Summer. And it’s gonna be myself and Sheamus in a best-of-seven series for a WWE championship opportunity. At SummerSlam, right?

And then we get moved to the Kickoff show. But that’s alright. Kickoff is gonna be seen all over on YouTube, on WWE Facebook, on WWE Network.

And then I lose. But that’s alright! It’s a best-of-seven series, right, I can come back on Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn, New York, a place where I have a lot of history, a lot of fans. I wake up, I see people Tweet me, they’re ready for Raw, they’re excited for me to bounce back, they’ve printed out hundreds of “Cesaro Section” signs, and then I get here and I find out Finn Balor is hurt. He hurt his shoulder. Terrible. You know I hurt my shoulder last November... absolutely devastated. The first WWE Universal champion gets hurt.

Then I find out there’s gonna be qualifying matches! Throughout Raw to detemine the next Universal champion next week.

And I’m not in it. And Sheamus is not in it. Yet, we’re having a best-of-seven series for a WWE championship opportunity.

So I’m standing back here, instead of standing in the ring in front of the whole Cesaro section doing what I love, what I live for, what I come here every single day to do.

That’s... how I feel.

It’s another empassioned promo from a guy who isn’t supposed to be a good talker. And it also reveals there is a prize at the end of his feud with Sheamus.

The previous “championship opportunity” he earned ended up being for the United States title, so I’m not jumping for joy yet, but... it’s something, right?

What do you think? Is being pissed off a gimmick that’s gonna help the Swiss Superman?

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