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Don’t worry, Sami Zayn isn’t hurt (unless he is)

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Lost in an eventful Raw - and real sadness that Finn B’s moment atop the wrestling world lasted less than 24 hours (for now) - was what looked like an ankle injury for another former NXT champion in Sami Zayn.

During the opening match on the show, and the first in the “series” which would produce the Fatal 4Way to determine Finn’s successor as Universal champion, Zayn appeared to roll his ankle on a springboard spot during his bout with Seth Rollins.

The usual back-and-forth among wrestling fans followed. “Oh no, not Sami, too!” followed by “it’s a work, obviously”.

Annoying as that may be, good news is one of our most reliable sources in this crazy rasslin game, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer, reported on his Twitter that it was part of the story of the match, so the Likeable One should be healthy and ready for the next time-killing exercise in which Vince McMahon wants to book him...

Of course, Meltz track record - like everyone else trying to report on WWE - isn’t 100%, so Sami could have sustained an injury during the match, or have a lingering one the angle was crafted to explain, which we don’t know about yet.

But for now, let’s take this as good news and move on, okay?