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Seth Rollins is out here hurting your favorite wrestlers, and he’s damn proud of it

While we await the latest volley of accusations from Bret Hart in the wake of another buckle bomb spot which resulted in a seriously injured Superstar, WWE and Seth Rollins seem to be working his track record of being in the ring when major names get hurt into his gimmick.

Finn Bálor has followed John Cena and Sting onto the disabled list (and, in the Hall of Famer’s case, retirement) after big matches against the Man. Will this result in any kind of punishment for Rollins, or force him to change his style?

Of course not. This is wrestling. They’re just gonna work it into his gimmick.

The two-time WWE champ’s match on Raw last night (Aug. 22) centered around an injury to Sami Zayn, which thankfully appears to have been story-only. And as the following dark segment WWE released on their website and YouTube channel show, Seth is now bragging about sending his opponents to the hospital:

Last night, while you morons were worried about what color and what that title looked like, I was worried about being the man, you understand me?

And the Demon King? He may have won the battle, Finn Bálor may have won the battle. But clearly Seth Rollins has won the war. Because Finn Bálor, he’s about to be laid up in a hospital bed for a really long time and his boy Sami Zayn hobbled right on out of Brooklyn and into a hospital bed of his own. Check on that ankle, pal.

And you people. Ahhh, you people. Every single one of you and everybody watching at home, you pay your hard earned money for one thing. And that is to see me!

Well, you will have an opportunity next week to watch me be the Man when I show the entire world who the true WWE Universal champion really is.

Does it make you uncomfortable, or dislike him? That’s probably the plan.

It’s not clear how well it’s working, since the New York crowd sounded like they were as into the Architect as ever - including after he blasted them for their reaction on Sunday night at SummerSlam, just as he did on Twitter.

But the debate will rage on, and this being wrestling, WWE is gonna try to capitalize on it.

The only surprising thing is that it surprises us.

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