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Izzy celebrates Bayley’s Raw debut - try not to be a jerk about it

Bayley’s biggest fan was pumped when her music hit on Raw tonight, signaling her full-time promotion to the main roster, and Izzy’s dad shared that with the world on Twitter:

Izzy’s been written into Bayley’s story by WWE - Sasha Banks famously heeled on her during their title rematch at TakeOver: Respect - and her family has definitely enjoyed their NXT fame. That’s caused a lot of fans to essentially turn on a ten year little girl, and there will probably be plenty of eye rolls and cynical responses to this Tweet.

But bear in mind how important it can be for kids to have heroic figures, like babyface wrestlers and superheroes, to whom they can relate. If you think it’s not a big deal, you’re probably a white guy who’s had plenty to choose from your entire life.

Bayley is the most prominent female character of her type WWE’s ever pushed. She’s not been portrayed as catty or sexy - she’s a fan who worked hard and now stands up for others who might follow in her footsteps. That “living the dream” motivation has been used for other’s among the so-called Women’s Evolution, and plenty of other stories beside. The Hugster’s version of it is special, largely because of how it’s been embraced by young female fans who’d never been offered a Hulk Hogan/John Cena-type they could see themselves in before.

If that still doesn’t convince you to let Izzy and girls everywhere have their moment, consider it from a father’s perspective, like Cody Starbuck, or NXT tag champ Scott Dawson:

Cheer or boo Bayley the character and performer as you will, but consider what she means to others before you boo a child for celebrating her accomplishments.

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