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Sasha Banks back injury reportedly won’t require surgery

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Finally, some good news on the injury front for WWE.

Sasha Banks dropped the Women’s title to Charlotte last night (Aug. 21, 2016) at SummerSlam, and word was it was because she needed time off to deal with some injuries. Further reporting pointed to the injury being a lower back issue which had been bothering her. The Boss was set to undergo a medical evaluation to determine the course of treatment.

Dave Meltzer at Wrestling Observer is reporting that Sasha will not require surgery, and therefore isn’t likely to miss very much time - so it looks like the evaluation went well.

Original reports pointed to Banks being out approximately 30 days. No word on how quickly she might be back, but an appearance was teased for Raw tonight in Brooklyn.

Details can come later. Right now, we’ll take good news wherever we can get it on the WWE injury front.