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Goldberg apologizes for missing SummerSlam, deals with angry fans on Twitter

Considering he was in Brooklyn for a WWE 2K17 event, and he’s been building to a possible match against Brock Lesnar, and there were rumors stating he could make an appearance, a number of fans expected Bill Goldberg to show up at SummerSlam last night (Aug. 21, 2016) at the Barclays Center.

He did not.

Instead of the former WCW heavyweight champion running down to help save Randy Orton from a beating (that opened up a GNARLY gash on his head), Shane McMahon was the guy to eat an F-5 as the show was going off the air.


But, well, that’s just not good enough for some fans, and Goldberg wasn’t having it:

At least he tried to be cool:

There may come a night, not that long from now, when Goldberg is back in a WWE ring. But last night was not that night, and that’s okay.

Don’t get your head squeezed, kids.

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