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Sasha Banks reportedly out with back injury


Pro Wrestling Sheet has published some details about the circumstances surrounding Sasha Banks losing the Women’s title to Charlotte at SummerSlam, and subsequent reports the Boss had been removed from all house shows for the next 30 days.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us Sasha is scheduled for an evaluation with doctors at the beginning of September, due to pain she’s dealing with in the lower lumbar section of her back.

While I suppose there’s some relief in it not being one of the additional Wellness Policy suspensions which have been rumored - and the news she was specifically removed from a month’s worth of advertising seemed to back up - there’s not much good news in Ryan Satin’s report.

With an as-yet-undiagnosed back issue being the culprit, there’s no guarantee Banks will return in Moline, Illinois on Sept. 23, the first house show which still lists her as “scheduled to appear”.

Furthermore, the decision (by all involved, including Sasha) to work a SummerSlam match built around risky spots - or even to continue after a move she and Charlotte tried early in the bout resulted in an ugly crash landing for the Boss - now looks really short-sighted.

Banks is still listed as a “featured Superstar” for the Monday, Aug. 22 Raw from Brooklyn, and we’ll likely be able to get a better sense of their plans from how that appearance is handled.

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