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Nikki Bella confirms she’s a SmackDown Superstar

Nikki Bella is back, and in a post-SummerSlam talk with Charly Caruso backstage in Brooklyn, she talked about her comeback after January spinal fusion surgery, and confirmed she’s a SmackDown Superstar:

I’m definitely on the blue side, so, YAY BLUE, I’m on the blue team and I’m very excited because I have my brother-in-law there, Daniel Bryan, I’m very excited to also work with Shane McMahon, but I’m very excited for the Women’s Division there. I really want to help build it. I have a lot of ideas for it.

It’s just great. I was not expecting to come back this soon... I’ve been out for ten months and you get thrown into the second biggest stage of them all here at WWE, it’s exciting, I was nervous, but now I’m just ready to take over SmackDown, do a lot of great things...

Excited to have the longest reigning Divas champ back on your screen? Is SmackDown Live a good fit? What do you think her plans are?

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