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WWE SummerSlam 2016 Results: Big E returns to save Jon Stewart’s balls & New Day’s titles from Anderson & Gallows

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For starters, this happened...

Seeking to make good for his interference in last year’s SummerSlam main event, Jon Stewart volunteered to replace Big E for the tag champs tonight. Brooklyn wasn’t that impressed, booing him at the outset - but they ended up helping him with the injured E’s entrance spiel.

Not that the former Daily Show host wasn’t a big help, but being down the Big man meant New Day wasn’t using their usual pay-per-view (PPV) tandem. Kofi Kingston was working with Xavier Woods instead - thanks to the case of “ringpostitis” their opponents Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson gave E a few weeks back.

The champs didn’t look like they missed their fallen man for much of the bout. Woods acquitted himself well, while Kofi re-affirmed his G.O.A.T. status by executing a dive which was very appropriate considering the focus this feud’s placed on male genitalia:

But the former Club wasn’t done. It looked like a Magic Killer by Doctors Anderson & Gallows might result in a title change, Stewart put his body on the line. He stopped the pin, but was set-up for a groin first trip to the ringpost himself when...

E raced to the rescue, triggering the disqualification and popping the crowd. A nice drink of formaldyhyde later, The New Day and their honorary member celebrated the continuation of their history making title reign. But with a win in the record books, expect Anderson & Gallows to remain in the hunt for the tag belts.

For a complete rundown of all the happenings at SummerSlam, head over to our live blog here, and our stream here.

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