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WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II results - Austin Aries gets No Way Jose to tap, then Goes To Sleep thanks to Hideo Itami

For the live event portion of NXT’s night in the Barclays Center (they filmed a couple television matches prior to the 8PM Eastern start time on WWE Network), No Way Jose lead a conga line of fans around the ring prior to his match against Austin Aries.

His happy go lucky demeanor didn’t really fit with the story of their feud, and it didn’t last very long into their match. Jose was looking for payback, after he offered his positive attitude to A-Double and was repaid with an attack from behind.

The larger Jose attacked early and remained in control, even as Aries tried to walk away from the match. But the Greatest Man That Ever Lived caught his opponent in the corner and sent his head off the turnbuckle, which started a more evenly matched back-and-forth.

Both men came close to ending it several times. Aries locked in his submission finisher Last Chancery midway through the bout, but Jose made it to the ropes. No Way countered into a modified Falcon Arrow for long two count.

If Jose had his moment before the match, partying with the NXT Universe, Aries’ came afterwards. First, he won with the submission hold. Then, he went back to that well again afterwards, seeking to teach the younger man a lesson.

Things didn’t stay in Aries favor, however. Hideo Itami’s music hit, prompting him to break the hold. Then, after Austin got in a few strikes, the Japanese Superstar took control - and he did more than strike (although he did that too).

Itami reclaimed the Go To Sleep.

Looks like Hideo vs. Aries is your next big NXT feud. And Itami is now using CM Punk and Daniel Bryan’s finishers (which were his first anyway).

Nice way to start TakeOver: Brooklyn II.

For a complete rundown of the show with all of the match results, head over to the live blog here.

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