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Here’s Dolph Ziggler dressed as Col. Sanders wrestling The Miz in a chicken costume

WWE has partnered with fast food chain KFC, which is actually a good get for the sports entertainment company, and they’ve got some interesting promotion going on - including something potentially happening this weekend in Brooklyn for SummerSlam, per Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal.

But that’s not why you’re here. You clicked to see Dolph Ziggler, dressed as KFC founder and mascot Colonel Sanders, wrestle The Miz, in a chicken suit.

And who are we to disappoint you on that score:

This was filmed Tuesday, Aug. 16 in Austin, Texas at the SmackDown Live show, and may be used as part of whatever they have planned this weekend, or a future commerical.

Marvel at how well Dolph’s wig stays on, and wonder why the animal fighting for his life against a man who’s responsible for the deaths of millions upon millions of his sisters and brothers is the heel.

Or, you know, just giggle at Col. Ziggler vs. Chicken Suit Miz.

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