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Daniel Bryan says a Women’s championship is coming to SmackDown Live

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As a guest on the Bear Hug It Out podcast (which frankly sounds like it was named in hopes of someday landing him as a guest), SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan revealed some exciting news while talking about - and making fun of - Raw’s new Universal championship.

The blue brand will have a title for their women’s roster... some day soon:

I’m not against them creating the title. We are going to do that for the women for SmackDown Live. But...but, we are taking our time with it to make sure we do it right.

This lines up with rumors which have been going around over the past couple of days saying the Tuesday night show would be getting their version of women’s and tag team championships, but likely not until after SummerSlam, a co-branded pay-per-view (PPV) which was being planned for before the brand split.

No update on the tag title, but we can assume it probably falls in the same category.

Here’s a clip the Bear Hug It Out crew shared on Twitter, which contains the above quote:

What do you think about this plan? Is it good to wait until stories can focus on the new titles, or are the ladies and pairs of SmackDown just spinning their wheels until the new belts are announced?