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Major name set to appear on SmackDown Live (spoiler)

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According to PWInsider, there’s a couple of recognizable faces backstage in Nashville for tonight’s broadcast of SmackDown Live.

Last warning if you don’t want to possibly be spoiled...

Mike Johnson’s reporting both Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are at Bridgestone Arena and set to appear on the Aug. 2 show to continue the angle started last night when Randy Orton “invaded” Raw to hit Lesnar with a RKO during the main event segment.

This was played up as a breaking of the barriers between brands just established a couple of weeks ago. Stephanie McMahon loudly protested Orton’s presence, and it’s possible a war of authority figures wrinkle will be part of the story behind the Beast Incarnate and his Advocate showing up on SmackDown.

The site also says Brian “Curt Hawkins” Myers is in Nashville and set to appear tonight, which lines up with their prior reporting on the former tag champ.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Is this Brock/Orton stuff necessary to build their SummerSlam match? Or is WWE already watering down their brand split?