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WWE announces SmackDown Live post-show, ‘Talking Smack’

With news of the brand split, WWE rolled out weekly streaming pre-shows for both Raw and SmackDown Live with an eye toward creating more content for their weekly shows on all their online platforms. There was also a survey which made the rounds last month which hinted at post-shows for the same purpose.

Today, the company announced that Tuesday nights would be getting be bookended by not only an online pre-show, but also a Network exclusive follow-up, Talking Smack:

Can't get enough SmackDown Live? Tonight at 10 p.m. ET /7 p.m. PT, WWE Network presents the premiere of "WWE Talking Smack," the exciting new weekly post-SmackDown Live show filled with exclusive interviews and expert analysis.

Take a special look inside everything Team Blue and find out how each week's episode will affect the spirited competition with Monday Night Raw.

Sounds more like the pre-show set-up than the Talking Dead-esque format the survey hinted at, but anything that helps make Tuesdays feel a little more essential can’t hurt.

Who’s tuning in tonight after SmackDown Live?

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