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WWE adds 12th match to SummerSlam card as Sami Zayn & Neville will face the Dudleyz

With six hours to fill this Sunday, Aug. 21 in Brooklyn, and two distinct rosters full of talent, WWE is making a bunch of matches for SummerSlam.

The eleven which were announced before now seemed like a lot, but even with all of those, fans noticed there were big names left off the card - and Sami Zayn’s was at the top of most lists.

Well, there’s not much story behind the bout announced moments ago, but at least it gets Zayn a match. He’ll team up with the man he defeated to win the NXT title back in 2014, Neville, to face the Dudley Boyz.

All four men are Raw stars, but beyond that, there’s not a lot else to build from here. Bubba Ray and D-Von are obviously an established team, but they have been teasing a break-up, so one or both could end in a feud with Sami (although you’d think coming off his win over Kevin Owens at Battleground, he would be headed into a solo title scene, where it would be hard to imagine either Dudley, at least right away). Neville figures to be a main player in the cruiserweight division, just as soon as that launches.

This will be a Kickoff match, along with the Cesaro/Sheamus match added earlier this week.

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