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Finn Bálor predicted he would beat Roman Reigns in his WWE Raw debut

Most people were surprised that Finn Bálor not only won a chance to compete for Raw’s top championship on his first night on the main roster, but that he beat Roman Reigns clean to do so.

Not Bálor, who told UAE internet & radio personality Myles a short time ago that he put that piece of fantasy booking “out there in the universe” back before he even knew where he’d be drafted:

It’s interesting, about five months before the Raw draft, before it was even spoken of a brand extension, one of my close friends said, you know, “if you got to debut, who would you like to debut against on Raw?”

I was like “oh, I’m not sure,” and my friend turned around and said, “You know what? If you went in against [Chris] Jericho the first night, that would be great... he’s kind of had a similar path like a generation before you and that would be really good.”

And I turned around to my buddy and said, “You know what, man? I want to go in first night and beat Roman Reigns.” And he said, “Whaaat?” and I said, “That’s it. That’s what I want to do.”

He also says he’s not worried about the pressure if he wins, because he knows how to be a champion:

Not being big headed... everywhere I’ve went before, I’ve became a champion.

Mexico? Champion. Japan? Champion. UK? Champion. NXT? Champion.

WWE? Champion.

Check out the whole interview from Brooklyn here:

Is this confidence and positive attitude going to pay off on Sunday at SummerSlam?

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