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Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, others get new merch ahead of WWE NXT TakeOver

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A new TakeOver typically brings new merchandise for the NXT Roster, and Brooklyn II is no exception. For the pre-SummerSlam show, WWE Shop has released four new designs - including three wrestlers getting their first shirts from the company.

Probably the most anticipated one is for Bobby Roode, who makes his on-screen in-ring debut on Saturday, Aug. 20. It wisely focuses on the viral sensation which is his theme song, but doesn’t do a whole lot for me, personally. The play on his surname which graces the back doesn’t help, as it’s a catchphrase we haven’t seen and which doesn’t naturally tie into his current gimmick.

It’s not bad, though. You have to admire the simplicity of most of these new designs... with the exception of the first shirt for Roode’s opponent tomorrow night:

Not sure that’s gonna help with efforts to get the Mexican Superstar over, especially since it keeps the feathered cap he’s ditched of late.

A more successful Latin sensation gets a better looking top:

But my favorite is a guy who already has one WWE shirt on the market, and probably a bunch more in his future. Shinsuke Nakamura proves he really is ichiban (“number one”) by avoiding the $#!+ on the back problem!

What do you think of this batch, Cagesiders? Glorious, or No Way?

Let us know below, and get yours from WWE Shop right here.

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